Directories and Listings Platform

Here, the needs of the business call for a multi-functional website; where a custom directory site allows businesses to list their details by category.

Home Page Scroll

A public interface showing a directory of business listings. Businesses can also log in to edit their listings and business profile information. 


In addition to having a website with a public interface, see some of the components of the directory and website portal below. 

Shown here is the map that allows for filters, scroll, zoom in/out and location of the businesses while the tabs for categories sit at the top. 

This allows for narrowing down where customers can find exactly what they are looking for in several different ways. 

A personalized page for the businesses to list their details and create a public listing. 

Shown here is the page that starts the whole process.

A pricing page showing the offerings of different packages available to the businesses to create their listings. 

User landing for logging in to edit/create listings for the directory.

Custom user login to edit/create listings for the directory.

  • Financial reports to the treasurer of the board
  • Documents to the executive board
  • Membership Dues and Donations to the executive board

Allows the business to customize their information for the listing after login.

  • Content Editing
  • Photo and logo uploads
  • Location, Hours, and other data