Employee Portals

Here, the needs of the business call for a multi-functional website; where a custom portal allows for employee logins to access the tools needed to carry out a digital platform for sharing both documents, announcements, and reports – all completely private to the public so that only the eyes needing to see and access this portal, do. 

Home Page Scroll

A public interface showing a main page scroll with the client portal explained below. See how the personalization of your organizational needs can be met for both your audience and your employees / organization. 


In addition to having a website with a public interface, see some of the components of the employee website portal below. 

Client Portal with a private dashboard visible once logged in.

Shown here is the menu that allows for documents, reports, dues and donations all to be viewed within the portal. They’ve requested this information only be accessible to particular parties: 


  • Financial reports to the treasurer of the board
  • Documents to the executive board
  • Membership Dues and Donations to the executive board

A personalized resource page for the members of the executive board of this organization; just in case they need a refresher on navigating the dashboard. 

Shown here is a portion of the basic tasks they will navigate.

A few tutorials not shown are: uploading documents, viewing reports/records, and how to contact support. 

A personalized view created for membership dues payments is shown here. 

Tabs for several ways to view these real-time entries include the one shown for a date search. Members of the executive board can see an updated list anytime simply by choosing their filtered date search or by name search, and even payment type. 

This allows for easy navigation, reporting and access to data. 

A personalized document uploader for the members of the executive board of this organization. 

Shown here is a short form that allows for document sharing.

As shown in the menu at the top, there are also view pages for the members to view the documents that are uploaded here.