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Depends on your needs. If you just need an online presence but plan to grow later, we can set the simple website up for that capability. 

If you have a lot of necessary content to display or have an e-commerce business, the premium multipage site is the option. 

Only if those sites allow you to connect with your target market. Connecting with your target market is the primary goal because it leads directly to sales, whether you’re a service based or product based business. The people need to know about it to invest. 

Not necessarily, however we take pride in optimizing the search engines so your potential and existing clients can find you the first time they search; make sure to check SEO in the quote form above to include it in your project.. 

Every project is different; given all content and media is submitted at once, it can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to finalize your website. No worries, we will discuss timelines prior to starting any project so you know if this will work for your timeline. 

Yes and no. If you are an event promoter its a small investment for a wide reach. If you have a physical store, having business cards can retain clients who want to contact you or return to your store.

On the other hand, if you have a decent social media following, this could be a more effective tool in marketing your business because you’re creating a direct link to your target market.

There are many factors to take into account when deciding if this will work for your business. 

No, however, branding your business includes having some sort of symbol of your brand that’s recognizable. 

Can you find a big retailer or company that doesn’t have a logo on their website? I doubt it. Not required but definitely essential. 

Images are extremely important; they single handedly shape the look and aesthetic of the site. Having clear, high resolution photos makes a huge difference. 

Content is just as important; although we are designing and creating, you know your business best.  You should draft all content in one place like your bio, about page, services, etc. so we can find creative ways to display what you would like your customer/clients to know. 

All digital artwork created will be put together in a folder with a share link for you to download at any time. 

If you request a logo, for example, you will have access to a zipfile folder that includes several size versions of the logo as well as a variation of png, jpg, and eps files so you can use them for anything you need to brand including being able to resize them for any format needed. 

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