Social Networking Platform

Here, the needs of the business call for a multi-functional website; where a custom social networking platform allows for membership logins to access the digital platform – all completely private to the public so that only the eyes needing to see and access this portal, do. 

Home Page Scroll

A public interface showing a main page scroll with the membership social platform explained below. See how the personalization of your organizational needs can be met for both your audience and your members / organization. 


In addition to having a website with a public interface, see some of the components of the social networking platform  below. 

Custom social networking login page for members.


A personalized landing page or activity timeline. The members of the organization see personalized menus based on roles; volunteers, staff, students and parents. Each role having unique access to forms, documents, groups, forums and announcements.

Shown here is a portion of the basic tasks they will navigate.


A personalized members directory is shown here. 

Filters by role, school, search by name search, location and even when they joined the site. 

This allows for easy navigation and finding new people to network and connect with as the membership based youth organization grows.

  • Name Search
  • Location Search
  • User Roles Filter

A personalized profile showing information like what chapter the member is associated with, and also allows the member to add their own pictures for the profile, header and albums if they choose. Much like other social platforms, members can join forums, groups and make posts with text and attachments.

A directory of the local chapters being used within the organization giving members the opportunity to create smaller subgroups within the organization based on what they will focus on, in this situation by school. There are options in the future for other local organizations to join a chapter and they would be listed here.